2017-2018 School Goals


  1. Literacy -
    1. By June 2018, all K-4 students will increase reading levels, 85% at or above grade level.
    2. The grade 5 – 8 ELA teachers continue with the 2016/17 goal, “85% of students in grades 5 – 8 will score a 3 or 4 on the compare and contrast essay rubric created for each grade level”. In addition, the team will work towards the divisional goal, which reads: “By June 2018, 85% of gr.8 students will meet grade level learning expectations in expository writing on the provincial assessments.”
  2. Mathematics – 80% of all students will achieve a 3 or a 4 in all areas of mathematics on the June report card.
  3. Professional Learning Communities (PLC) –
    1. Improved student learning through the PLC process, specifically, report card marks will improve so that at least 80% of all students will earn 3’s or 4’s on the June report card in each PLC goal area.
    2. Each PLC will continue to build their Year-at-a-Glance (YAG) by adding their 2017-2018 SMART goal and the 3 cycles (minimum) they implement to reach that SMART goal.
    3. Each PLC group will carry forward last year’s SMART goal and learning cycles in addition to the new goal and learning cycles for 2017-2018, (they will carry 2 goals and 2 sets of 3 learning cycles throughout the year).