Winkler Jazz Band


As a great and exciting tradition in our school, we hope to offer a jazz band next year, for students who like to play their band instruments. Jazz music is fun and challenging, and the jazz band is a place for those who want to commit themselves to a full year of music making. We will meet Tues and Thursday mornings, unless otherwise arranged, and will put on school concerts at Christmas and in Spring. We also hope to travel to Brandon, Manitoba in March for the Brandon Jazz Festival. We have enjoyed this festival and band trip for many years and expect that your children would find it enjoyable as well, if they decide to commit themselves to the Winkler Jazz Band.

4-6 Volunteer Choir


WES offers students in grades 4,5 & 6 the opportunity to sing in a volunteer choir on Tuesdays and Thursdays over the noon hour.  Students prepare choral works and learn the art of singing for Choralfest and Remembrance Day in November, Christmas Concerts in December, the Winkler Festival in March and a spring concert in May/June.  They are expected to make a commitment for the full year and enjoy singing concerts in school and in the community.

Junior High Music Program


The junior high music program continues to thrive at WES.

Students have the opportunity to sing in the Jazz choir. This is an auditioned choir that meets twice a week to rehearse. We perform in various concerts throughout the year, including the Christmas and Spring concerts.

One very exciting aspect of being in the Jazz choir is the annual trip to the Brandon Jazz festival. It is here that students receive adjudications from high caliber musicians. It is a GREAT learning experience!!

Students in junior high also have the opportunity to perform in the school musical. This is an opportunity that is offered every other year here at WES.