Physical Education Program


The Physical Education Program includes:

  1. Physical Education Class
    At our school each child takes physical education (gym) 2 to 4 times per cycle. Grades 1 & 2 have 4 periods per cycle, grades 3-6 have 3 periods per cycle and grades 7 & 8 have 2 periods per cycle.

    For safety and health we ask all grade 3-8 students to change into gym clothes (t-shirt, shorts/sweats, socks, indoor runners) at the beginning of each gym classes.  For safety reasons we do not want students to wear flip flops or sandals.

    Students actively play a variety of games and sports that promote healthy active living.
  2. Intramurals:
    At lunchtime students in grades 4-8 are given an opportunity to improve their skills in a variety of sport-related activities. 
  3. Interschool Athletics
    Junior High students may play on our school teams.  We compete against other teams from Morden, Altona, Gretna, Parkland, Emerado, Pine Ridge, Prairie Dale, Plum Coulee and Border Valley. There are teams for boys and girls in soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton and track and field.