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How to access Teams

  1. Go to wes.gvsd.ca
  2. Click ‘Teams’ in the links on the left side
  3. Type in your email address: username@edu.gvsd.ca 
  4. Type in your password

How to use Teams 

 How to check assignments and hand in work:

  1. Click ‘Teams’ on the left side menu bar
  2. Select a Team (class), like ‘Grade 8 ELA’
  3. Select an option from the top menu bar (Posts, Files, Class Notebook, Assignments, Grades)

‘Posts’ is a record of all of the teacher’s comments and notifies you when there is an assignment

‘Assignments’ is a list of assigned work. This might include attachments. You can do your work in any format (take a picture and save it to your computer, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) and hand it in (upload it) by clicking on ‘+ Add work’. 

How to be part of a scheduled video chat:

  1. Click ‘Teams’ on the left side menu bar
  2. Select the team that has the scheduled video chat
  3. Select ‘Posts’ from the top menu bar (it should be selected by default)
  4. Once the meeting has started there will be a ‘Join’ button above the scheduled event. Click ‘Join’ and then ‘Join now’ when your video chat screen pops up
  5. If you hover your mouse over your screen a menu bar will appear

teams chat picture

This allows you to: Turn camera offMute (your audio), Share (a document on your screen), More optionsShow conversationShow participants, and Hang up.

  1. Click ‘Show conversation’.
  2. Click ‘Hang up’ when the video chat meeting is over.

When you are part of a group video chat…

-Your camera’s image shows up in the bottom right corner of your screen.

-The 9 people who spoke most recently (excluding you) will be visible on your screen (Only 9 people can be seen on the screen at one time and you do not know when you are on someone else’s screen or not) 

-Only one person can be heard at a time. If there are more than a few participants in a video chat the best way to communicate is through the ‘Conversation’, which should be on the right side of your screen. This allows the teacher to respond to questions or comments or ask specific students to speak.