Safe Driving in Front of the School

Patrols sm

We continue to ask parents to be extremely cautious when dropping off children. PLEASE do not allow your children to cross in the middle of the street. Have them use the patrol crossing. It has been noted that some people are pulling up to the sidewalk facing the wrong way. This is also not acceptable. Remember everyone’s goal is to keep the children safe.

School Patrols



What do Patrols do? 

School patrols are a dedicated group of children who are trained to keep other kids safe while crossing the street. But there’s only so much they can do. As drivers, we must also do our part to keep school zones safe. 

Do we have Patrols at W.E.S? 

Here at W.E.S we have three Patrol teams that rotate each week.  They are responsible for making sure that all children are safe while crossing the street. 

Kids’ actions near the curb aren’t always predictable. But if we drive slowly and carefully through school zones, we can make them safer.