Jazz Band and Jazz Choir Travel to Brandon Jazz Festival

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Each year the Jazz Band and the Jazz Choir from WES attend the Brandon Jazz Festival where they perform and are coached by professional musicians. They turn this visit to the Jazz Festival into a mini tour by stopping in a couple of communities along the way. They bring a short concert to children at schools in these communities. This year’s festival is March 17th.

WES Music/Band Classes are Growing!

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WES Music/Band classes are growing! Because all Grade 5 and 6 students are now included in learning to play an instrument, we are in need of more and newer beginner band instruments. Click here for a full interview on Pembina Valley Online with one of our music teachers, Lincoln Wiebe.

We also invite donations of good used band instruments from you! If you have a flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, or almost any instrument in storage and would like to use it to give a student the opportunity to play, bring it down to the school and we will find a good use for it.

Band website:
or Google “mr wiebe’s happy place”


Picture courtesy of Pembina Valley Online

Winkler Jazz Band


 As a great and exciting tradition in our school, we plan to offer a jazz band for students who like to play their band instruments. Jazz music is fun and challenging, and the jazz band is a place for those who want to commit themselves to a full year of music making. We will meet Tues and Thursday mornings, unless otherwise arranged, and will put on school concerts at Christmas and in Spring. We also will be travelling to Brandon, Manitoba in March for the Brandon Jazz Festival. We have enjoyed this festival and band trip
for many years and expect that your children will find it enjoyable this year as well, if they decide to commit themselves to the Winkler Jazz Band.

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