IA Students Build Tables for Charity Raffle

Raffle Tables

Several grade 8 students built these pine end tables to be raffled off at this years MSBA conference.  The boys used the skills learned in Industrial Arts class to design and build these tables and decided to engrave a decrative design into their tops.  These extra projects were completed over a number of lunch hours.  We are proud of the boys for their willingness to put your skills toward something for charity!

Industrial Arts

ia shop2

Students at Winkler Elementary School have the opportunity to learn about woodworking starting in grade 5.  In grade 5 & 6, students receive woodworking instruction as one of their exploratory blocks.  They come for a double period once a cycle for 5 cycles.

Winkler Elementary School students in grades 7 & 8 receive woodworking instruction as a course which is run during the exploratories.  In these grades students generally come 8 days for half the day.  Due to scheduling conflicts, some classes are scheduled for shorter classes for an entire semester.

The Industrial Arts shop at Winkler Elementary School is also used by Parkland Elementary School.  Grades 7 & 8 students at Parkland Elementary School receive both Industrial Arts and Home Economics instruction here.  Each student attends Industrial Arts for half the year and Home Economics for the other.  These students come for a tripple period once per cycle.

Class handouts are available here.