Provincial Track and Field at U of M

Top 4 athletes 2017

On Tuesday, June 6th four students from Winkler Elementary represented the Wildcats Track & Field team at the Provincial Track & Field meet held at the University of Manitoba. The provincial meet brings together all of the top athletes from Manitoba to compete in the major track & field events.
All four of the students had at least one top 10 finish in the events they competed in, meaning that they finished as one the top 10 in the province in their event.
Viktoria finished 13th in the 300 meter race and 8th in Shotput.
Eric tied for 8th in the hurdles and finished 11th in high jump.
Leon finished in the top 20 for long jump and 5th in hurdles.
Holly continued to show her power and strength finishing 10th in long jump, 7th in the 100 meter, and 3rd in the 300 meter, bringing home a bronze medal!
Excellent running, jumping and throwing! Congratulations Viktoria, Leon, Eric, and Holly on representing the Wildcats in such an amazing way!

Badminton Wraps Up


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The Wildcats Badminton played their best this season at the final tournament at GVC. There were 8 players who advanced to the playoff round. Four of these individuals made it to the semi finals. Our girls doubles team win the championship! Congratulations to everyone for a great season!

Boys Basketball


The basketball season for the boys has come to an end. Saturday the Wildcats attended the leagues final tournament in Morden. Winkler Elementary, had an amazing regular season record with 7 wins and 1 loss. They also dominated their first play-off game to help them secure a spot in the semi-finals at the final tournament.

Basketball Season Wraps up!


The Wildcat girls’ basketball team improved in all aspects of the game. Hard work and dedication helped us improve our growth on defense over the course of the season. Good teamwomanship and aggressive play!

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